February 3, 2019 Seat Retreat Participants.

C. Murray, Margate, Fl

The seat retreat is very helpful is piecing together theories and feelings! The hands-on approach and different elements of the clinic were helpful in identifying where your strengths and weaknesses are. Definitely aids in better riding on horseback. I would highly recommend this clinic to others who are eager to improve their riding!. 

B. Bearden, Hutchinson Island, fl

The Seat Retreat was immensely helpful to my riding.  My friend, who went to the Seat Retreat with me, said I looked like a different rider by the time I got on the horse to practice what we had learned.  I am so glad I participated!

E. Bayes, Wellington, FL

The seat retreat was a profound experience that I did not expect. This workshop really illuminated some concepts that I was struggling working on with my horses. The seat retreat was fun, dynamic, refreshing, and unique. I highly recommend!