Welcome to The Rider Project

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The purpose of The Rider Project is to assist equestrians seeking to further supplement their riding education through organized workshops. Seat Retreat workshops will focus on the individual’s strengths, weaknesses, flexibility, and understanding of the use of their body to communicate with the horse. The Rider Project is open to all disciplines of riding and ages of riders.

The Seat Retreat offers a Classic Foundation day where riders will learn to communicate with more precision, knowledge, and tact. The Seat Retreat Lateral Work will build on the attendees previous skills and delve into specifics of Shoulder In, Travers (Haunches In), Renver, and Half Pass. 

Attendees will be introduced to concepts based on classical riding theory. The concepts will center around the proper use of the rider’s seat, leg and hands. Riders will experience the proper use of the riding “aids” through work on a specially designed exercise ball and base to most closely simulate the feel of being astride.  After working as a group, riders will disperse to focus on flexibility, developing strength and balance and hands on application of the newly acquired skills while riding on the lunge.

New for 2020, The Rider Immersion Program is a month long intensive learning course building on the information of the Seat Retreat. Riders will bring their own horses and the curriculum is tailored to each horse and rider's needs.

Both the Seat Retreat and Rider Immersion Program are limited to only 6 and 4 participants respectively. This allows participants to receive the maximum benefits possible.  Click below to sign up now!

If you are unable to attend either the Seat Retreat or Rider Immersion Program at our home base in Loxahatchee, Florida, there is an option for you!  The Whole Rider Workshop brings the Seat Retreat to your area.  While using many of the fields of expertise participants enjoy at a Seat Retreat, The Whole Rider Workshop also offers a wellness/nutrition and performance coach expert to help you achieve your personal and equestrian bests!

The Rider Project program is the creation of equestrian, Lisa El-Ramey. Through extensive personal and professional experience, Ms. El-Ramey has developed this program to assist riders' development mentally and physically to better communicate with their equine partners. As a lifelong equestrian, Ms. El-Ramey has had the opportunity to ride nearly every discipline and style of riding in the United States and abroad. This varied and unique knowledge allows her to understand the need for clear and concise communication between human and equine to create the desired seamless effort between partner